The prototype of a descent space capsule has been delivered by AirBridgeCargo Airlines for display at a special technical museum in Speyer.

Weighing 1,000 kilos, the capsule was transported from ABC’s hub at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport onboard one of the airline’s scheduled flights to Frankfurt. ABC operates 13 Boeing 747 all-cargo services a week between the two cities.

The capsule is a model of the ‘Soyuz TM’ descent space capsule and will be used as part of a special display at the Technik Museum in Speyer. The museum displays a variety of masterpieces of technology such as aircraft, classic cars, locomotives and fire engines as well as housing the largest space flight exhibition in Europe.

The interior design of the prototype is completely on a par with the interior of the original ‘Soyuz TM’ and includes seats for the astronauts, a central control system, life support and other equipment. The unique cargo was accompanied by Igor Volk, a famous Russian cosmonaut and test pilot.

“Transporting such a highly sensitive shipment highlights AirBridgeCargo’s expertise in the carriage of special cargo. As part of Volga Dnepr Group, ABC has adopted the experience of the specialists in its mother company which regularly transports satellites and equipment for the space industry,” said Tatyana Arslanova, Executive President of AirBridgeCargo airlines.

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