air freight solutions for oil & gas industry

With the development of Oil & Gas industrial project in different regions of the world, customers are searching for expert and specialist air logistics solution to transport their project shipments on site. This is when ABC team of professionals steps in with fast, seamless, and quality solutions.

We also offer

  • Carriage of pipes, generators, pumps and other extra-large and heavy drilling offshore equipment
  • Dedicated charter services or re-routing in case of rig down situations
  • Main-deck capacity throughout ABC international network


As it is the case for major project shipment of Oil & Gas sector, its equipment is too complex to
be classified as one product

It might be abc XL by its dimensions or weight (for example gas turbine compressor set)
and at the same time contain hazmat and be classified as abc DG.








abc XL     


 abc DG     

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