Reliable and efficient delivery of your cargo with AirBridgeCargo. Our scheduled service has been developed with standard cargo shipments in mind. With over cargo 30 destinations and access to scheduled flights of our airline partners, we can get your freight almost anywhere. With us, you are connected to all major business hubs. Always. Worldwide.


The perfect combination of our dedicated fleet, extended network and highly skilled and certified personnel makes it possible to transport any type of cargo starting from general cargo to special commodities, transportation of which requires specific knowledge, expertise and experience – something ABC is ready to provide.


With more than 15 years of experience, ABC team is always ready to assist its customers with timely and effective logistics solutions, based on

customers’ expectations and needs.


We offer complex cargo delivery solutions to link the world's largest manufacturers with consumers and business partners

all over the world

  • Modern fleet of efficient freighters with a main deck capacity
  • Up to 130 tonnes of cargo capacity per flight
  • Global network with access to more than 30 major cargo gateways
  • Access to flights of ABC's interline and other airline partners


Connecting your business to the world

  • Customer service support, online track&trace option for all shipments
  • Assistance with all required permits and import/export documentation
  • Certified and experienced staff across the entire ABC network 

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