air freight solutions for e-commerce industry

E-commerce is an emerging sector driven by ever-increasing demands for cross-border purchase and led by customer expectations to get ‘one click’ service of high quality. We like improving your customer experience and are aimed at continuous improvement of our logistics solutions for fast, seamless, and effective delivery of your internet purchases.

We also offer

  • Global network coverage, with access to major e-commerce cargo gateways
  • 72-hour delivery time, including ground handling procedures
  • Transportation of parcel&mail packages
  • Up to 8 flights per day from the biggest e-commerce contributing hubs – Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Zhengzhou
  • Special solutions for packaging of low-density cargo, with the usage of stabilizer racks, to reach maximum volume and protection during transportation process

Sky-rocket development of e-commerce industry and its global embrace of various products
make it possible to classify e-com shipments as


  • non-temperature medicines and biologically active supplement
  • furniture and household appliances
  • electronics (laptops, smartphones, computers)

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