air freight solutions for automotive industry

Fast track for cars, motorcycles, vehicles – we transport all kinds of automobiles and find solutions even in cases when their dimensions exceed standard pallet contours. We make sure that all the vehicles are properly packaged, lashed, stacked to guarantee they arrive at their final point of destination intact and ready to be operated.


We also offer

  • Both palletized and RO/RO (roll on, roll off) solutions
  • Standard operating procedures for all types of cars including prototype cars, motorcycles, racing cars, and hybrid vehicles
  • Transportation of electric-powered vehicles (BEV, HEV and EV)

With cars becoming more sophisticated and incorporating technically advanced equipment and tools, they can be classified as 


abc XL   (exceeding standard pallet position)

abc DG/Li   (with lithium batteries inside)

or abc charter   (in case the entire aircraft is chartered)

Find out more:

abc XL brochure

General information on how we deliver oversize and heavy cargo

abc DG brochure

Includes all information on transporting of lithium batteries

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