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Get to know AirBridgeCargo and the air cargo industry even better: in this section we share interesting articles that publications have written about AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

AIR CARGO WORLD, June 2021 | 'AirBridgeCargo’s Zotov on carrier-forwarder relationships' by Kelly Stroh 


The air cargo market has been reshaped by the pandemic, with carrier-forwarder relations being among the transformations. Cargo carriers are to be more flexible and agile in terms of their capacity management, range of products and services and network. All these questions, as well as many others, have been covered in a recent Air Cargo World podcast in which Kelly Stroh talks with Sales Director of AirBridgeCargo Airlines, Alexey Zotov.


Click here to listen to a full story: Air Cargo World

AIRLINE CARGO MANAGEMENT, Summer 2021 issue | 'Health check' by Jason Holland


Challenge of the lifetime - here is how vaccine distribution has been addressed. Is the industry better prepared NOW compared to 2020? What are the success stories behind and whether collaboration and innovative procedures are enough to tackle this logistics task? Jason Holland from Airline Cargo Management and Aviation Business News finds out more in his profound article 'Health Check" with comments from Yulia Celetaria, Global Healthcare Director of Volga-Dnepr Group and other industry experts.


Click here for the full article: Airline Cargo Management


CARGO TRENDS, May-June 2021


'We see more requests for vaccines shipments, support ongoing healthcare volumes (e.g., other vaccines for immunization programmes), as well as dedicated medicine equipment (production lines, vials, tests, masks, etc). Preventive medicine will be also increasing in the upcoming years. There are several factors that are supporting this trend: rising cost of drugs/medications/treatments, ageing population, wide-spread promotion of health and well-being and higher attention to the new potential novel viruses', highlights Yulia Celetaria, Global Healthcare Director for Volga-Dnepr Group in her in-depth interview for CARGO TRENDS.


Click here for the full article: Cargo Trends



Payload Asia, May 2021 | 'Women speak up: promoting gender balance for the next generation'


Aviation and logistics industry is paying more attention to gender balance. The pandemic has shifted changes in the business environment opening up more opportunities for women in the air cargo/logistics sector. Traditionally perceived as a male world, the sector though appraises gender diversity and equal efforts.

With industry media being one of the main influencers, we are delighted to see more articles dedicated to gender issues, the latest are from Breakbulk Events & Media and Payload Asia with comments of Joanna Li and Ekaterina Andreeva.


Click here for the full article: Breakbulk  Payload Asia


Easy Engineering magazine, May 2021


A very detailed and profound interview about ABC, its performance and plans for 2021 and beyond orchestrated by Easy Engineering magazine.


Click here for the ful article: Easy Engineering

Air Cargo Week, May 2021 | 'The key to success in vaccine transport' by Yasmin Turner


Airlines together with other stakeholders have been ramping up their capabilities for the upcoming volumes of vaccine transportations. How is the situation shaping up right now amid the vaccination programmes in the world and what has been new in this sector? Yasmin Turner finds out in her interview with Yulia Celetaria - Global Healthcare Director of Volga-Dnepr Group.


Click here for the full article: ACW

STAT Media Group, April 2021 | Cargo Masterminds by Reji John


How did Volga-Dnepr Group manage to cope with the pandemic and face the challenges of 2020? What steps has it taken to leverage the growing demand for healthcare, high tech and e-commerce shipments amid urgent PPE transportations? How does the Cargo Supermarket concept support global cargo operations of the Group and benefit its customers? These, as well as many other questions, were fully covered during the latest episode of Cargo Masterminds with the participation of Konstantin Vekshin, Chief Commercial Officer of the Group who joined STAT Media Group's editor Reji John in his exclusive interview. 


Click here for full video interview STAT Media

PAYLOAD Asia, April 2021 | 'Q&A with AirBridgeCargo’s Eric Lamare' 


Q1 of 2020 was a devastating period for the air cargo industry and luckily Q1 2021 is witnessing not only revival, but very impressive growth rates, which are 9% higher vs pre-pandemic 2019. The only concern right now is how the industry is going to develop under capacity constraints in the coming years. Eric LAMARE - Director of Scheduled Cargo Operations - APAC for AirBridgeCargo has more to share in his dedicated interview with Payload Asia.


Click here for the full article: PAYLOAD Asia

STAT Trade Times, April 2021 | 'Speed, reliability override cost of air cargo chartering' by Libin Chacko Kurian 

Air charter sector has been booming amid the capacity contraints, lockdowns, container shortage and recent Suez-Canal blockage. How does the sector performed last year and and what is the future shaping out like for it. Libin Chacko Kurian from STAT Times finds out more in the article 'Speed, reliability override cost of air cargo chartering' with comments from industry experts, including Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines.


Click here for the full article: STAT Trade Times


Airline Cargo Management, Spring 2021 | 'Seeing the light transporting COVID-19 vaccines to end the pandemic' by Jason Holland


Some countries have lifted off the lockdowns thanks to massive vaccination programmes, while others are still facing restrictions. With vaccines being one of the first steps to a new normality, most players agree that initially they will be produced and distributed regionally. The questions remains though - will transporting the COVID-19 vaccines end the pandemic? Jason Holland from Aviation Business News/Airline Cargo Management finds out more in his profound article, with comments from the leading cold-chain stakeholders, among them being Volga-Dnepr Group.


Click here to read the full article: Airline Cargo Management

The STAT TRADE Times, March 2021 | 'By keeping a healthy balance between men and women, the industry will win: Yulia Celeteria' 


Some might think that the air cargo industry is still a men's world. However with a number of industry initiatives, companies are becoming more open to female specialists valuing their knowledge, mindset and commitment. STAT Times talks with the number of female managers from the industry ahead of Women's Day to find out more about their career paths and what it takes to run the global team today.


Click here to read the full article: STAT Times


Air Cargo Week, February 2021 | 'Volga-Dnepr steps up as e-commerce booms' by Yasmin Turner


Remote working, shop closures and social distancing have become the norm for many globally and this shift in lifestyle has led to a huge increase in e-commerce. Volga-Dnepr's Marketing Director, Fedor Novikov, covers the company's e-com results in 2020, initiatives to be taken and project for 2021 and beyond. 


Click here to read the full article: ACW

the Loadstar, February 2021 by Alex Lennane 

While some airports are experiencing congestion Volga-Dnepr Group is aiming for effective solutions for its customers worldwide through constant communication and tailored services. Konstantin Vekshin, Chief Commercial Officer highlights in his interview with the Loadstar:“We haven’t felt a slowdown following Chinese new year. It’s unprecedented. When will it slow down? I don’t know, but we are busy for the foreseeable future. We are talking to airports and trying to pre-empt any developments; we are adding trucking services and looking for other flexible solutions.”


Click here to read the full article: the Loadstar

Air Cargo Week, January 2021 | 'Flexibility, speed, adaptability: How Volga Dnepr weathered the storm' by Yasmin Turner

2020 has been probably one of the most challenging years for the air cargo sector. Most companies were quick to adapt and respond, with Volga-Dnepr Group being among them. What helped us to weather the strom of 2020 and move forward? Yasmin Turner from Air Cargo Week found out in her dedicated article.


Click here to read the full article: ACW


Cargo Airlines and Airport Services, December 2020 | 'Accelerated development' by Will Waters

2020 has put the cargo carriers in the spotlight, opening up numerous opportunities but at the same time adding the pressure to guarantee efficiency of cargo operations and deliveries of much-needed cargo worldwide. Will Waters from Cargo Airports & Airline Services has talked with Nikolay Glushnev, General Director of AirBridgeCargo Airlines about this exceptionally turbulent year and what comes next for the company.


Click here for the full article: CAAS

Airline Cargo Mangement, Autumn 2020 | 'Adapt to survive' by Melissa Moody


As COVID-19 continues to bring challenges to cargo carriers worldwide, Melissa Moody explores how Volga-Dnepr Group has maintained its position in an industry struggling to stay flying. 


Click here for the full article: Airline Cargo Management 

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, November 2020 | 'When Pigs Fly, They Want Drinks, Leg Room' by Lucy Craymer


Airlines are shipping more live animals, helping cover the drop in passenger flights; making sure the giraffes don’t ‘bump their heads’. 


Click here for the full article: The Wall Street Journal



COVID-19 pandemic served as a trigger for revolutionary development of vaccines, with mRNA being one of them. It is a whole new type of vaccine which has not been previously licensed for infection decease. Indeed, it represents a promising alternative to conventional vaccine approaches given the shortened manufacturing timeframes, high potency and low-cost production with the potential to scale it up easily. One question remains - is supply chain in general, and air cargo sector in particular, ready for its transportation in deep-frozen environment? 


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo World

LOGIRUS, October 2020 | 'Logistics of COVID-19 vaccines' by Vadim Popov 


With COVID-19 vaccines being developed in various countries of the world, more and more countries question the safety and reliability of their deliveries, both on the domestic and international level. AirBridgeCargo's expert Yulia Celetaria has shared her view on transportation of vaccines across the Russian Federation and beyond. Together with other masterminds of logistics, they have talked about the challenges and capabilities of different transport modes.


Click here for the full article: LOGIRUS

Airline Cargo Management, September 2020 | 'Emergency measures' by Satu Dahl


An in-depth coverage of unexpected and rapidly evolving developments that influence pharmaceuticals air cargo sector. 


Click here for the full article: Airline Cargo Management

CargoForwarder Global, September 2020 | 'ABC spreads its wings in LGG' by Heiner Siegmund


ABC has been developing its operations in Liege airport to leverage specialty cargo volumes, as well as offer its customers more delivery solutions within cargo-friendly premises.


Click here for the full article: CargoForwarder

Air Cargo Week, September 2020 | 'BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS' by James Graham


While the best minds in medicine are working hard under COVID-19 vaccine, the best minds in logistics are finding the most efficient solutions for its transportation to guarantee safety of this sophisticated product. 


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo Week

The Loadstar, July 2020 | AirBridgeCargo ready for surge in freighter volumes in Asia Pacific peak season by Sam Whelan 


Asia Pacific region is the first to restart its scheduled passenger and cargo operations. What does the future like for air cargo in new normal? Sam Whelan tries to find out with input from AirBridgeCargo. 


Click here for the full article: the Loadstar

CAAS Magazine, January 2020 issue | "AirBridgeCargo completes trial loading of GE9x onboard of Boeing 747-8" by Eddie Saunders


AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC), one of the market leaders in the transportation of oversized and heavy shipments, has successfully completed transportation validation of the world’s largest jet engine, the GE9x, on Boeing 747-8 Freighter.


Click here for the full article: CAAS Magazine

Cargo Magazine, the Netherlands, June 2019 | 'Moving forward to 100% transparency' by Esther Kort-Boreas 


Cargo Magazine talks with Irma Gnodde, Head of Customer Service, Europe about core values of CS, new features in the claims process and what is takes to lead CS team in Europe. 


Click here for the full article: Cargo Magazine

Freight Business Journal North America, June 2019 | 'Project cargo rocks...and rolls' by John Jeter


Project cargo has always been considered complex for transportation with special expertise and expereince required from all the parties involved. 


Click here for the full article: FBJNA

CARGO TRENDS, June 2019 | 'Collaborations and partnerships are vital for growth in air cargo industry' 


One of the leading air cargo magazines in the Middle East talks about the importance of cooperation for the successful and effective supply chain. 


Click here for the full article: CARGO TRENDS

CARGO AIRPORTS & AIRLINE SERVICES, June 2019 | 'Re-shaping European freight' by Will Waters


CAAS editor is talking about the airline’s evolution in its first 15 years, its growth expectations and ambitions, the potential of e-commerce, and its big plans at Liege Airport.


Click here for the full article: CAAS


Air Cargo News, June 2019 | 'The inclusive approach: AirBridgeCargo celebrates 15 years'


This year ABC is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Take a look to find out some facts from our story and how it all began. 


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo News

Airline Cargo Management magazine, June 2019 | 'Special delivery' by Keith Mwanalushi


Transportation of healthcare products demands rigorous logistics approach, as cool chain logistics is expected to meet the demands of the tightening government regulations and adapt to stringent procedures. 


Click here for the full article: Airline Cargo Management 

App Of The Day, April 2019 |  'Interview with the developer of a fantastic app'


Interview about the development aspects of the AirBridgeCargo App


Click here for the full article: App Of The Day

Air Cargo World, April 2019 | 'Break out' by Nina Chamlou. 


Cainiao is one of the leaders when it comes to cross-border e-commerce. How the sector could evolve as Cainiao goes global? 


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo World


Air Logistics International Magazine, April 2019 | 'A tall order" by Felicity Stredder. 


Moving animals by air is a big job, but as Air Logistics International Magazine suggests - somebody's got to do it, and do it right! Take a moment to refresh your knowledge about transportation of animals by air.


Click here for the full article: Air Logistics International

Air Logistics International Magazine, April 2019 | 'Handle with care' by Ian Putzger 


Transportation of dangerous goods is becoming more complex and 'geared up' by digital solutions. Are all stakeholders embraced by digitalization? 


Click here for the full article: Air Logistics International



Air Cargo News, April 2019 | 'Change of gear' by Ian Putzger


The US market is one of the major air cargo contributors, with the leading air cargo carriers having stable and strong presence there. Take a moment to look at Air Cargo News article about what development are ahead for US air cargo sector.


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo News

Air Cargo News, March 2019 | 'Volatility into opportunity' by Yvonne Mulder

The outsize sector keeps on growing despite economic disruptions. What are the drivers behind that growth? 


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo News

Air Logistics International Magazine, February 2019 | 'Geared for growth?' by Ian Putzger

Are e-cars the future of automotive industry!? What does this mean for the air cargo industry in this case? Here is an in-depth article about automotive logistics and its further development.   


Click here for the full article: Air Logistics International 

The Journal of Commerce, February 2019 | 'Trade turmoil, e-commerce lift air cargo' by Greg Knowler

What are the growth drivers of the global air cargo in 2019 and beyond? This was the hot topic discussed during the Cargo Facts EMEA 2019 conference in Frankfurt, Germany with a contribution from our Vice-president, Sales and Marketing, Volga-Dnepr Group - Robert Van de Weg. 


Click here for the full article:

The Loadstar LongRead, January 2019 | 'The pharma phenomenon' by Ian Putzger

What the future of pharma logistics is going to be? Here is Ian Putzger - air cargo journalist, trying to bring all the pieces of this complex puzzle together. With an in-depth contribution from industry experts, AirBridgeCargo being no exception.


Click here for the full article: the Loadstar Longread

STAT Trade Times, October 2018 | Vincent Ryan, Vice-President – North & South America, AirBridgeCargo Airlines 
Vince Ryan shares his views over market development, ABC performance, and 2019 insights during TIACA Air Cargo Forum in Toronto (Canada). 


Air Cargo News, December issue, 2018 | 'Lucrative awkward loads' by Roger Hailey

Outsize and project shipments are the essential part of the complex supply chains. In fact, they enjoy healthy volumes for all types of commodities, starting from heavyweight aero-engine shipments to oil industry blowout preventers.


Click here for the full article: Air Cargo News

Air Transport World, October issue, 2018 | 'Cargo boom slows' by Helen Massy-Beresford


2018 peak season - how does it look like and is it similar to previous peaks of 2017 or 2016? Follow the link to find out the industry experts' outlook. 


Click here for the full article: Air Transport World

Air Cargo Week, October 2018 issue | "ABC drives double-digit growth in Moscow" by James Muir


AirBridgeCargo (ABC) Airlines will continue to develop Moscow as a gateway with airport partners, having helped increase volumes at Sheremetyevo International Airport by 20 percent.


Click here for the full article:  Air Cargo Week

Airfreight Logistics, September 2018 issue | "How to Safely Transport Aquatic Animals" by Dusida Worrachaddejchai


The handling and transportation of general cargo is a routine process for most forwarders and airlines. It's their "bread and butter" shipments, and with well-established rules and safety standards in place, moving this type of cargo can be done by just about any reputable freight forwarder and airline. Land animals already have a host of issues to contend with when delivering them by air, but the difficulty is amplified even further when delivering aquatic animals. These animals offer unique challenges as they are shipped in containers (tanks) with water, which needs to stay clear, fresh, and uncontaminated, and is not to be spilled during handling procedures.


Click here for the full article:  Airfreight Logistics

STAT Trade Times magazine, September 2018 issue | "Caution! Dangerous goods on board"

by Surya Kannoth


Rejected shipments on the grounds of mislabeled or misdeclared items can cause more pain to a supply chain than anything else – especially at a time when your business needs to deliver sensitive items such as industrial chemicals or blood samples. Such items, classified under one of the nine categories declared as Dangerous Goods, are subject to more stringent customs and regulatory requirements than any other type of shipment.


Click here for the full article:  STAT Trade Times

AVIATION WEEK, July 15th 2018 | 'AirBridgeCargo Showcases Air Freight’s Digital Future'

by Tamir Eshel


Robert van de Veg speaks about ABC Control Tower and other digital cargo capabilities in detail.


Click here for the full article:    Aviation Week




Air Cargo Week newspaper, issue of June, 25th 2018 | 'La dolce vita as cargo grows in Italy' 

by Stuart Flitton


Article about ABC development and achievements at air cargo market in Italy.


Click here for the full article: ACW


Online version:                      Air Cargo Week

European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, June 2018 | "Come fly with me — we talk with AirBridgeCargo about logistics in pharma"


Sergey Lazarev, ABC General Director talks about logistics in the pharma market, what it means to be an IATA CEIV Pharma-certified company and the future of pharma transportation.


Click here for the full article: European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer



STAT Trade Times, June 2018 | Joanna Li, VP-Asia & Pacific, Charter Cargo & Scheduled Cargo Operations, Volga-Dnepr Group 
Joanna Li, VP – Asia & Pacific, CCO&SCO, Volga-Dnepr Group brings an update on Asia Pacific market numbers in her interview during Air Cargo China exhibition in Shanghai (June 2018). 

Air Cargo World, June 2018 issue | "AirBridgeCargo’s Lazarev: At right place, right time for further growth" 

by Charles Kauffman


Charles Kaufmann stopped to chat with Mr.Lazarev in April to discuss some ramifications of ABC’s rapid growth, as well as any concerns he might have regarding congestion at European airports or possible alteration to ABC’s freighter fleet.


Click here for the full article:  Air Cargo World


AIRFREIGHT LOGISTICS, May 2018 issue | "Top 9 Tips to Consider When Transporting Oversized Cargo"

by Phubet Boonrasri


In this interesting article AirBridgeCargo and Volga-Dnepr give 9 helpful tips to ensure the efficient, effective, and safe transportation of oversized cargo.


Click here for the full article:           AIRFREIGHT LOGISTICS


Airline Cargo Management, June 2018 issue | "Cool runnings"

by Keith Mwanalushi


The air cargo industry is calling for higher standards when transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, as seen by the surge in demand for CEIV certification. AirBridgeCargo is sharing its experience in this field.


Click here for the full article:       Airline Cargo Management

The Loadstar LongRead, March 2018 | "Dangerous Goods – the problem of lithium batteries"

by Gavin van Marle


The carriage of lithium batteries has been the hot topic over the last few years in the industry. ABC is sharing its experitise and experience in the field of dangerous goods transportation, with abcDG and abcDG/Li being of paramount importance within ABC business. 


Click here for the full article:    The Loadstar LongRead

Freight Business Journal North America, March 2018 issue | "US-Asia Air Cargo Explodes"


ABC's outlook on the rapid development of US-Asia trade.


Click here for the full article:       FBJNA

Airline Cargo Management, March 2018 issue | "Leading lights with Sergey Lazarev - General Director of AirBridgeCargo Airlines" 


Q&A with General Director about the Company's performance, achievements, development plans.


Click here for the full article:    Airline Cargo Management

STAT Trade Times, February 2018 issue | "When flying medical cargo matters" by Surya Kannoth


Industry outlook on transportation of pharmaceutical products - trends, initiatives, and developments.  


Click here for the full article:   STAT Trade Times


Air Cargo Week, January 2018 issue | "A turning point for the world’s largest cargo hub?" by Donald Urquhart


Article-interview with representatives from major industry players on Hong Kong's development. 


Click here for the full article:    Air Cargo Week 

Freighters World magazine, December 2017 issue | "Asia air cargo
in high gear" by Donald Urquhart


An overview of 2017 peak season out of Asia 


Click here for the full artcile:  Freighters World

International Transport Journal, October issue | "In the right place at the right time"

by Andreas Haug


Interview of ABC's General Director, Sergey Lazarev, about the company's performance, development and future outlook.


Click here for the full article:               ITJ magazine

AirCargoNews, October issue (30.10.2017) | "On course for global ambitions"


Interview of Sergey Lazarev, General Director for AirBridgeCargo Airlines, about overall company development.


Click here for online version:  AirCargoNews

Air Cargo Update & Air Cargo Week, October 2017 issues | "The delicate business of transporting live animals" & "Manatees among the animal shipments at AirBridgeCargo"


AirBridgeCargo is sharing its expertise and experience in the field of live animals' transportation.


Click here for the full article:  Air Cargo Update


                                                        Air Cargo Week




Cargo Airports and Airline Services, Autumn 2017 issue | "Riding the pharma wave" by Donald Urquhart.


As carriers further their efforts to tap pharma sector, the landscape continues to evolve as a result of market developments, customer demands and regulatory changes.


Click here for the full article:    Cargo Airports and Airline Services



Air Cargo Week, March 2017 issue | "ABC targets pharma traffic growth while charters up"


ABC is building infrastructure as it aims to become a major player in pharmaceutical



Click here for the full article:   Air Cargo Week

Flying Typers, January 2017 issue | "Onwards into 2017"


On the New Year's Eve ABC gives outlook of its 2016 performance results and look onwards into 2017.


Click here for the full article:     Flying Typers


Payload Asia, December-January 2017 issue | "Peak season: expectations versus reality"


ABC is sharing its view regarding steps and strategy to be taken during peak seasons.


Click here for the full article:     Payload Asia

Boss Magazine, November 2016 issue | "Power Lifters: Rising Above the Rest"
by A.F. Hutchinson


Article about AirBridgeCargo's development and growth in the United States, and what makes the cargo airline unique in the air cargo industry. 


Click here for the full article:           BOSS Magazine


 To the online version of the article:   ABC Profile

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