Electronic gadgets, fashion clothes, high-value telecommunications and computer equipment are every-day essentials of our life. Although one can hardly imagine that transporting this vulnerable type of cargo is an exceptional process, requiring high level of expertise, attention, and strict compliance with all industry safety and security regulations. These items are sensitive to theft or pilferage and need heightened awareness to reach final consumers unscathed. With more than 15 years of experience, AirBridgeCargo works its utmost to provide safe, reliable and secure transportation of vulnerable cargo across its entire international network. Always. Worldwide.

Your benefits

  • Priority shipment status of your vulnerable cargo
  • Developed procedures increasing the safety of the cargo
  • Multi-level security control
  • Special monitoring from acceptance to delivery
  • Dedicated storage area with 24/7 security surveillance
    and restricted access
  • Certified and trained personnel across the entire ABC network

We also offer

  • Highly customizable logistics solutions
  • Photo control at each stage of transportation, additional video control upon request
  • The possibility to transport through cargo hub in Moscow
  • Full transparency at each stage of transportation coordinated by our dedicated Customer Service Team
  • Possibility for cargo attendants to accompany the theft endangered good

We have established long-term and trustworthy relations with customers all over the world, specializing in transportation of vulnerable cargoes, aligning our internal processes, identifying their needs and requirements, and approaching them with the individualized logistics solutions. Our abc|extraSAFE offers dedicated services tailored to your needs, guaranteeing constant customer service support and assistance at each stage of transportation.


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