13.11.2008 | AirBridgeCargo Airlines transports 105 elite racehorses

The thoroughbred horses had previously arrived in the Netherlands from America. ABC transported this special bloodstock shipment on flights between October 24th and November 10th.

The horses are being studied by the Moscow Central Hippodrome for a pedigree breeding program and will be assessed for their working capacity, strength and stamina.


Each B747 flight transported between 15-30 horses accompanied by specialist handlers. Thanks to the unique equipment on board the Boeing 747-400 freighter - enabling the optimum climate conditions for every aircraft section - the cargo bay was maintained at a comfortable temperature and air humidity throughout the flight ensuring all of the horses arrived in good health. The loading and unloading operation was performed by specially trained personnel in accordance with IATA requirements to produce minimum stress on these special, high value “passengers”.


This shipment is the latest of many successful ‘live cargo’ programs performed by AirBridgeCargo. This successful series of flights once again demonstrates AirBridgeCargo’s ability to provide highly professional shipments for all cargo in line with special IATA transportation instructions.

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