16.06.2008 | AirBridgeCargo delivers 316 cows from Linz to Yakutsk

AirBridgeCargo Airlines has safely transported 316 pedigree cows on two charter flights from Linz (Austria) to Yakutsk (Russia). The total shipment on board the two Boeing 747 freighter services weighed 170 tons.

The flights departed on June 9th and 16th on behalf of Merzario, a freight forwarder that specializes in live animal shipments from Europe. The consignee of the shipment was JSC ROSAGROLEASING, a Russian government agency within the State Program of Agriculture Development and Market Control of Agricultural Goods, Raw Materials and Food in 2008-2012.

Special wooden cow stalls were used for the flights and were filled with absorbing materials in order to avoid aircraft contamination. The unloading was performed using two Commander container loaders and a forklift vehicle. An intermediate stop in Helsinki and the effort, expertise and professional approach of the ABC Load Planning team ensured the cows arrived at their destination safely.

JSC ROSAGROLEASING representatives were satisfied with AirBridgeCargo’s performance. The company is currently negotiating cooperation on similar pedigree cattle deliveries from Europe and North America to Russia. The next flights are scheduled in August from Linz to Yakutsk and from Montreal to Moscow.

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