AirBridgeCargo Airlines, in cooperation with its Japan-based partner, Nippon Express, and Vneshtransavia, the largest shipping company in St. Petersburg, delivered six Toyota Camry cars from Domodedovo, Moscow to Narita, Tokyo. In Japan, the Toyota cars manufactured in St. Petersburg will undergo in-depth technical inspection for compliance with designer quality standards.

The cars were made at the new St. Petersburg-based car factory with 25,000 Toyota Camrys annual output. The factory was built in 2006 by Toyota Motors. From St. Petersburg to Moscow, the cars were delivered by Vneshtransavia, a company among leaders in the Russia freight market. Despite adverse weather, the carriage was performed successfully.


In Domodedovo Airport, cargo scanning and loading onto AirBridgeCargo B747 freighter was carried out under supervision of ABC, Nippon Express and Vneshtransavia representatives. The air transportation was taken by Domodedovo-Narita direct flight. ABC launched its scheduled services from Domodedovo, Moscow to New Tokyo International Airport, Narita in early September 2007. The service is performed with one weekly frequency on Thursday. From 2006, AirbridgeCargo has been a designated cargo carrier from Russia to Japan.


From Narita further to Nagoya, the cargo was transported by a trucking carrier. The six cars arrived at the destination in perfect condition. The overall delivery of the cars from St. Petersburg to Nagoya took less than two days. Representatives of Nippon Express, a major Japan-based logistics company and a 3PL provider, expressed their deep appreciation to AirBridgeCargo and Vneshtransavia. Mssrs Hashidzume and Togava particularly noted high-quality performance of the Russia partners and excellent logistics support. In the process of selecting an air carrier for the mission, AirBridgeCargo turned the best option to Japan partners by virtue of combination of high-class service package, safety and proactive customer information.

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