16.02.2008 | Volga-Dnepr Group and Krasnoyarsk Airlines open multi-modal cargo terminal in Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk, February, 16, 2008 - A ceremony has taken place at Emelyanovo Airport in Krasnoyarsk in the Russian Far East to mark the opening of a new cargo terminal forecast to evolve into Russia's first world-class multi-modal air cargo hub. The ceremony was attended by project partners – Krasnoyask Territory Administration, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, subsidiary of Volga-Dnepr Group and the principal cargo operator in Krasnoyarsk, Kratos Investment Group and Krasnoyarsk Airlines.

AirBridgeCargo Airlines commenced scheduled cargo services via Krasnoyarsk Airport in November 2004 recognising the unique potential of its geographical position on the shortest routes connecting Europe, Asia and the US and its ability to support extended network deliveries around Russia.


AirBridgeCargo now performs 20 stops a week in Krasnoyarsk linking Europe's largest hubs (Frankfurt, Amsterdam) with Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo). Since 2006, scheduled domestic flights have been operated between European Russia (Moscow), Siberia (Krasnoyarsk) and the Far East (Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). At present, Volga-Dnepr Group delivers 90% of all air cargo traffic carried between Krasnoyarsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


"This new terminal will, in the future, allow us to double AirBridgeCargo's flights to Krasnoyarsk up to 40 weekly frequencies and proceed with cross-polar routes from Asia to the Unites States and Canada with a stop at Krasnoyarsk Airport," said Denis Ilyin, senior vice president of AirBridgeCargo Airlines.


Volga-Dnepr is already experiencing strong growth in its business through Krasnoyarsk. In 2005, for example, Krasnoyarsk saw a five-fold cargo traffic growth. Volga-Dnepr has become a distinctive catalyst of export/import trade activities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, supporting the development of local businesses and forming an essential part of the region's transport infrastructure.

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