31.07.2006 | AirBridge Cargo delivered a circus bear to Japan

On July 23 AirBridge Cargo delivered by its Vi-253 flight to Nagoya (Japan) a seven year old brown bear – a Saint Petersburg circus nursling. The bear will be on a tour in Japan until August; he will fly back to Moscow with AirBridge Cargo which offers direct connections between Japan and Moscow.

In the course of customs registration and preparation for the flight the animal trainer and ABC customers service managers did everything possible to make the “special” passenger feel as calm as possible in spite of crowd and machinery noise: they fed the bear with fruits and made sure it was not too hot.


On the same board Nissan Motor Co car that had passed tests in Russia was transported to Japan. Before the flight the car was thoroughly examined by the airline’s experts to provide safe loading and transportation.


The transportation of unique and “live” cargo is a long-existing tradition with AirBridge Cargo. The company has transported the exposition from the Tretyakovskaya Gallery’s assets for The Year of Russia in China; delivered hand-assembled D12 Spyker automobile for the Russian Exhibition of unique cars; carried sea-cows and dolphins to Beijing delphinarium.


“We prepared for the flight Vi-253 most thoroughly as we had to transport two special cargoes at once”, said Petr Novozhenov, AirBridge Cargo’s Sales Department manager.

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