13.07.2006 | Construction has begun of a new modern cargo terminal at Krasnoyarsk – Yemelyanovo airport

A ceremony to mark the placement of the foundation stone of the new cargo terminal at Krasnoyarsk – Yemelyanovo Airport took place today, and was attended by those responsible for the new world class cargo hub in Russia.

In attendance were the Administration of the Krasnoyarsk region, the carrier responsible for the project, AirBridge Cargo, a subsidiary of the Volga-Dnepr Group, Kras Air, Swissport and the President and Vice President of Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) who have both shown a great deal of interest in the new project.

‘For two years AirBridge Cargo has operated flights into Krasnoyarsk, during this time we have learned of the unique potential that the airport has, as a transport hub offering the shortest air routes between Europe, Asia and America, and the vast network for cargo delivery across Russia.’ Commented Stan Wraight, Vice President of the Volga-Dnepr Group.

‘The successful opening of this logistics center is of critical importance for AirBridge Cargo as we move towards launching transpolar flights in 2007. The introduction of the new 747-400ERF direct services to the Americas and S.E. Asia from Krasnoyarsk in 2007 requires this first stage of the facility to be fully operational and completed. Our confidence in the Krasnoyarsk hub is shown by this investment and first step.’ Added Mr. Wraight.

The new terminal, which is scheduled to open in 2007, will be 4,000sq meters plus there will be parking spaces for AirBridge Cargo aircraft next to the building, also offering a centralized fueling system. The new complex will also include a modern business centre of 2,000sq meters to host airlines, logistics companies and the storage operator.

 The second stage of development is to be completed in 2008 to incorporate Tier II construction of the same area. Over the next ten years the plan is to build a ‘cargo village’ with a well-developed logistics infrastructure.

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