10.11.2004 | AirBridge Cargo commences regular flights via "Emelianovo" international airport in Krasnoyarsk

Volga Dnepr Group represented in the scheduled cargo market by its brand AirBridge Cargo announced the commencement of regular services via Krasnoyarsk international airport.

Currently AirBridge Cargo flies to Luxemburg from Beijing and Tianjin (China) via “Emelianovo” airport in Krasnoyarsk three times per week. Krasnoyarsk is used by the company in addition to “Tolmachevo” airport of Novossibirsk in its winter schedule.

In mid-October AirBridge Cargo (ABC) started regular flights from Frankfurt Airport (Germany) via Sheremetyevo airport (Russia) to Shanghai (China) four times a week.

The commencement of flights via Krasnoyarsk is another step towards forming a system of cargo hubs on the territory of the Russian Federation for regular services as well as network expansion possibilities. Using the Krasnoyarsk airport capacities will enable AirBridge Cargo to optimize the flow of cargo and expand city pair combinations on routes between China-Europe and in the future USA-Europe via Russia.

Stan Wraight, Managing Director of AirBridge Cargo said: “By adding Krasnoyarsk to our schedule and developing the system of Russian hubs we will present to the market a unique product offering quality services between Europe, Asia and North America via Russia as well as effectively distributing cargo in Russia and CIS”.

The Krasnoyarsk Airport is one of the biggest in Siberia and its geographical position creates a number of advantages for AirBridge Cargo and its customers.

In May 2004 AirBridge Cargo completed their first scheduled flight using their first Boeing-747-200F. In September AirBridge Cargo added another Boeing 747-200 to its fleet.

The company is currently considering different aircraft types to support the strategic development of its route network. In the future, it plans to operate a mixed fleet of Boeing 747 freighters and Russian-built Ilyushin 96-400, and Tupolev 204С freighters. Thus, in five to six years, it aims to operate a fleet comprising of at least six Boeing 747s and four to six Russian-built aircraft.

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