14.10.2004 | AirBridge Cargo brings a giraffe to the Moscow ZOO

14 October 2004. – Volga-Dnepr Group’s scheduled airline AirBridge Cargo delivered a 14-month old giraffe to the Moscow Zoo from Luxemburg.

The giraffe was transported onboard a scheduled Boeing 747-200F flight to Domodedovo international airport and handed over to representatives from the Moscow Zoo on Tuesday 12 October 2004. For transportation of the “live cargo” the specialists at AirBridge Cargo, came up with a bespoke container providing the giraffe named ‘Twiga’ maximum comfort. The giraffe was under the supervision of a vet for the duration of the three hour flight.


Twiga arrived in Moscow from “African Safari Wild Life” centre. She is the second giraffe presented to the zoo by Alec and Luba Wildenstein. The Moscow Zoo representatives are very grateful to the Wildenstein family for their very unique gift.


Volga-Dnepr Group has accumulated many years experience resulting in enviable expertise in transporting live stock, flora and fauna. Examples of the most extraordinary include: delivering the Christmas tree for New York’s Rockefeller center from Cleveland (Canada), the temporary relocation of the Prague Zoo to Indonesia, delivery of a whale from Nice (France) to Nagoya (Japan), delivery of 11 dolphins from Japan to Taiwan.


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