AirBridgeCargo earned Sky Fresh® support to improve service quality of temperature sensitive cargo transportation

AirBridgeCargo Airlines and Sky Fresh® have inked a Service Level Agreement on digital procedures for transportation of time and temperature sensitive shipments, most notable pharmaceutical, to keep pace with the latest industry technologies and guarantee 24/7 traceability for its customers worldwide.

The main point of cooperation will be related to cargo acceptance checklists, which were traditionally paper-based and filled in manually in the course of transportation process. Sky Fresh® provides an online web platform to centralize data from all acceptance checklists, with the possibility of monitoring freight movements for time and temperature sensitive shipment at each step of transportation and sending automated notification to all supply chain stakeholders. The users will be able to complete the checklists via a mobile application on their smartphone or tablet, available either on App Store or Google play. All corresponding data are in real-time visible in the Sky Fresh Web platform, consultable in any browser.


The agreement in this area comes with countless benefits for all the parties concerned, as it offers high level of customization, transparency of operations, traceability, efficiency and the possibility to take corrective and preventive actions, if needed.


‘It is not every day we see cutting-edge technologies penetrating in air cargo industry, which makes Sky Fresh® an attractive industry-and-tech-savvy solution. We foresee it propelling the quality of our abcPharma product, bringing it to the next level by eliminating human mistake factor. With environmental considerations being on the agenda for our company, we will contribute by decreasing number of paper documents and going on the digital side instead. It will definitely make the whole process of transportation more transparent, customized and accurate.’ – pointed our Fedor Novikov, Global Director, Pharma for AirBridgeCargo airlines.


‘For the first time Sky Fresh® will closely cooperate with ABC as an airline. Together we want to create a digital mindset in the Air Freight Industry. Not only by efficiency gains but also by providing real-time data to support strategic decisions and proof the excellence of ABC.’ – as stated by Fen Lasseel, Business Developer manager at Sky Fresh®.


For the first 10 months of 2017 ABC has reported largest growth in temperature pharmaceutical goods carried, which demonstrated 153% upsurge YOY – significant increase, which illustrates ABC’s commitment to the industry and efforts done in the field of development for special cargoes solutions. The carrier has come a long path by now, with gaining CEIV IATA certification in the end of 2016, QEP accreditation for certain online stations in 2017, training home-grown pool of specialists for time and temperature sensitive cargo and networking in order to be abreast of innovations in air cargo industry.


More information: Sky Fresh®


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