03.02.2020 | ABC well-coordinated work.

At the end of 2019, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, together with DHL Global Forwarding, implemented a project to deliver high-tech medical equipment to oncology center from Moscow to Irkutsk (with the final destination Angarsk (Irkutsk Region, Russia)).

Delivery should be carried out in a very short time during the high season, observing all the necessary control measures for the careful transportation of valuable equipment.


Air transportation on a regular flight on board passenger airlines was not possible due to the fact that the cargo dimensions exceeded the permissible standards for loading, and unpredictable weather conditions and a storm warning would not allow delivery by ground transport.

Therefore, ABC together with DHL developed a solution for the delivery the cargo to Irkutsk on a separate Boeing 747-400 specially allocated for this charter transportation, with further delivery from the airport to Angarsk.


The complexity of this project was in the tight deadlines during which it was necessary to complete the transportation. At the request of the customer, the equipment was supposed to be delivered to the cancer center before the New Year.

ABC commercial and operations teams agreed on the transportation within 24 hours. Director of Flight Operations assigned the flight crew to complete this additional project. CCO Organization Group on a tight schedule conducted an audit of the Irkutsk airport with a view to accepting and servicing our aircraft. OCC ABC provided a confirmation of the possibility to fly in such difficult weather conditions (at that time the air temperature at the Irkutsk airport had already dropped to around -35C). As a result, all operations departments agreed the schedule and implementation of this charter flight.


An additional complication was that the Customer applied for the flight on December 23 when the flight plan has already been scheduled till the end of 2019.


During the flight, the customer also promptly fulfilled all the conditions by providing the cargo at the scheduled time, additionally providing its specialized thermal packaging.


The transportation was carried out in accordance with the schedule, without delay of departure of the charter flight and negative influence on the further schedule.


Thanks to the coordinated work of commercial and operations departments of ABC, the air transportation was successfully arranged, and on December 30, the equipment was delivered to the Angarsk Oncology Center, where since January 2020, patients could receive the necessary treatment.

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