AirBridgeCargo celebrates its 10th anniversary of Zhengzhou flights

AirBridgeCargo, an international scheduled carrier within Volga-Dnepr Group, is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary of flights to/from Zhengzhou.

On the 17th of September, 2010 ABC’s Boeing 747-400 took off from Zhengzhou International Airport on its flight to Moscow with further onwards connections to European gateways of the carrier. This was the milestone in developing comprehensive network coverage of Central China and the beginning of the long-term strategic partnership with the airport and Henan Province Government.


“Not only this September marks the 10th anniversary of our CGO flights but also celebrates our relations with Zhengzhou International Airport with commitments to long-standing cooperation, mutual support and development of joint projects. Our stable and effective cooperation facilitated smooth navigation through pandemic and, despite market fluctuations, formed the basis for our successful operations. 

The rapid development of this production center with vast industrial zones, technological clusters, coupled with special economic conditions, bolsters activity of export-oriented manufacturers and their cargo flows which we are ready to leverage”, - highlighted Dmitry Vorontsov, Group Director, Asia & Pacific Development, Volga-Dnepr Group.


Kang Shengzhen, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd. commented: “Warm congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the official operation of AirBridgeCargo Airlines, ABC, in Zhengzhou, and on this occasion, I also commend Volga-Dnepr Group, the parent company of ABC, on the 30th anniversary of the Group’s establishment! As the first foreign cargo airline to enter Zhengzhou Airport to carry out all-cargo business, ABC connected Zhengzhou with Amsterdam via Moscow in September 2010, and Zhengzhou with Chicago via Moscow in August 2012; the frequency of flights has been increased from the initial two flights to seven flights per week now. Zhengzhou Airport has become an important partner of ABC. During the ten years of cooperation, ABC and Henan Airport Group have had frequent interactions and multiple exchange visits, laying the foundation for the creation of a "Zhengzhou-Moscow" dual hub. Ten years of changes, and ten years hand in hand with ABC, Zhengzhou Airport has achieved the status of an international air cargo hub in the industry, while also contributing to the rapid development of ABC. We look forward to further joint development and creating new glories in the next ten years!”

During the previous several years ABC managed to achieve over 5% CAGR of tonnage to/from Zhangzhou, covering not only general cargo but offering its customers logistics solutions for specialty cargo, such as high-tech and growing e-commerce shipments, in cooperation with Zhengzhou International Airport. Today, ABC is among the TOP-5 cargo carriers in the airport in terms of cargo volumes, taking the share of 10% and complementing existing Chinese online stations of Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang, Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the most effective manner. In 2011 the company set its own office in the airport guaranteeing stable communication with the local customers and efficient support.  

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