Volga-Dnepr’s Cargo Supermarket spins healthcare logistics across Transatlantic through a collaborative approach

Volga-Dnepr Group continues to support the life-saving uninterrupted supply chains through its dedicated services and Cargo Supermarket offering in partnership with DHL Global Forwarding LS&H sector experts. This time AirBridgeCargo Airlines and CargoLogicAir organized delivery of insulin in a batch of Envirotainer and DoKaSch RAP containers from Milan (Italy) to Chicago (USA).


The finely honed performance of Alha Group, which covered warehouse and ramp handling activities, enabled smooth loading of 18 active containers onboard spacious Boeing 747F operated by CargoLogicAir. The medicines are aimed to support the permanent healthcare flows which were partially broken during the pandemic peak.


‘We are proud to be stepping away from the previously existing fragmented nature of the air cargo industry toward a collaborative approach where all the stakeholders function as a single unit to ensure the integrity of pharmaceutical products. This shipment is a great example of collaboration between carriers, ground handling agent, freight forwarder, container manufacturers, airport and customs authorities. 

Understanding the supply chain constraints now is primarily important as there is still time to fix any discrepancies we might have before COVID-19 vaccine regular shipments. Volga-Dnepr Group together with its strategic partners has gained a comprehensive competence in vaccine transportations to increase confidence among the customers in the air freight services’ – highlighted Yulia Celetaria, Global Director, Pharma for AirBridgeCargo Airlines.


Nadeem Sultan, Chief Executive Officer of CargoLogicAir, comments: ‘We feel privileged to support healthcare and life-saving industry with high-quality services especially during these unstable times. Together with our strategic partner we follow the best industry practices and create guidelines which are clear for all the participants to get the maximum level of excellence in vaccine transportation.’

Carlo De Ruvo, Head of Airfreight Italy, DHL Global Forwarding LS&H: ‘This cooperation is a further step that adds value to our comprehensive portfolio of transportation solutions for the pharmaceutical products, enforcing our long-lasting expertise in this sector.’


Andrea Battaglia, Special Products Development Manager, Alha Group, highlights: ‘AirBridgeCargo is carrying out extraordinary planning and coordination activities across its entire network, in preparation for the distribution of the vaccine and treatments for Covid-19. As their service provider, we are experiencing tremendous guidance from ABC in support to our response strategy and action plans for this huge operational challenge: together with AirBridgeCargo, our Vaccine Task Force is simulating operational stress situations with scenario exercises, conducting gap analysis and developing specific business continuity plans. Our common goal is to ensure smooth operations with the utmost respect for the integrity of the product: we are planning together to streamline our handling process in order to ensure flawless service and make Milan the main pharma gateway for southern Europe.’

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