AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) has seen confident beginning of 2016 with 30 % year-on-year rise in tonnage for the first month of January - the record performance and growth for the airline for the first month of the year.

ABC has transported 43,605 tons of cargo on board its Boeing freighter fleet serving Europe, North America and Asia Pacific markets. Mostly this strong performance is attributed to last year’s dynamic expansion of the carrier’s fleet and network in response to diverse needs of ABC’s customers worldwide. Newly launched destinations in different parts of the world –Singapore and Hanoi (Asia Pacific), Helsinki (Europe), Los Angeles and Atlanta (North America) have extended and enhanced ABC’s network. Supported in 2015 by the addition of three Boeing 747 freighters to the ABC fleet such a multi-destination network allowed ABC to comfortably enter 2016 with one of the highest FTK growth performance in the industry. 


“For ABC January results came as a confirmation of our chosen strategy based on a combination of operating a highly efficient fleet, network expansion to the points of production and consumption, and a high level of service quality delivered by a team of skilled air cargo professionals. We will continue this path in 2016, offering to our customers the maximum range of services using unique capabilities of 747 freighters” – said Denis Ilin, ABC’s Executive President. 


“2016 will be another challenging year for ABC and a certain milestone of our growth. Company’s recent development has resulted in diversified network coverage connecting major regions of world’s production and consumption, high level of service, and as a consequence appreciation and trust of our customers in what we do. However, we are being asked by clients for direct cargo service to some destinations, which we are still missing in our network, so ABC sees its further development in creating a really global network and competitive global value proposition to the customers by enhancing our experience and high quality air cargo delivery services to new regional markets and new customers. As generic ABC name might sound to the market, so as AirBridgeCargo service should become common and globally accepted and recognized in every part of the cargo world. Only through this we will be able to adequately respond to evolving needs of our clients and challenges of global economy.”- highlighted Denis Ilin.

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