The biggest Russian scheduled all-cargo airline, AirBridgeCargo (ABC), part of the Volga-Dnepr Group, continually strives to enhance its service quality. It sees cost efficiency and service quality as important differentiating factors in a very competitive business environment. To further improve the performance quality of its own staff and that of service providers as well as to raise the service quality overall the cargo carrier has decided to implement TRAXON CDMP. At the World Cargo Symposium 2011 in Istanbul Tatyana Arslanova, Executive President of ABC, and Felix Keck, Managing Director of TRAXON Europe, signed an agreement for the implementation of TRAXON CDMP.
The TRAXON Cargo Data Management Portal (CDMP) collates and evaluates performance data collected along the airfreight transport chain as specified by the IATA Cargo 2000 initiative.

The key to the IATA Cargo 2000 quality management system is the creation of a route map for individual shipments. The TRAXON CDMP compares the planned with the actual route (Freight Status Update Message) and identifies variances (discrepancies), i.e. events that conflict with the planned business process. In addition, it records reasons for these discrepancies This allows airlines to address the problems and initiate improvement processes in cooperation with their partners along the process chain with the aim to reduce mistakes and dwell times on the ground.

“We want to improve our service quality and reduce flaws in the transport process with the help of TRAXON CDMP. TRAXON meets ideally our expectations for platform in terms of interface usability, reports generated and functionality of the system. It is a well proven tool. The verifiability and reliability of the measured data as well as the easy access to the information are a definite bonus. Thus real process improvements become possible and traceable. With the help of the CDMP we will be able to assess very easily how well our service providers and the forwarders have actually processed each shipment and the accompanying documents”, explained Tatyana Arslanova.

“We are very proud that we were able to win ABC as a customer for the TRAXON CDMP”, said Reinhard Schoeler, Area Manager Sales for Russia and Central Eastern European markets. “We look forward to deepen our relationship with ABC in the years to come.”

The signature of CDMP agreement comes as a logical step after execution of contract for EDI platform which was officially signed during Air Cargo Forum in Amsterdam in the beginning of November 2010.


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