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ABC’s Moscow hub at Sheremetyevo airport features state-of-the-art equipment in each warehouse, allowing for efficient, seamless and safe handling of any type of cargo - from live animals to dangerous substances and beyond.


Our decision to develop our Moscow hub was an important milestone in the history of the company and a strategic step on our path to become a network carrier. Our hub network model and flight connectivity in Moscow lets our customers access connections within a 48-hour delivery time - including handling.

Thanks to our hub, we can offer the following benefits

  • 20,000m² of total warehouse space and 3 GHA warehouses
  • Dedicated pharmaceuticals warehouse and zones for cargo with special requirements (dangerous substances, temperature-sensitive shipments, etc.)
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • 99.98% safety index
  • TAPA certified

We also offer

  • ABC aviation security division at the airport
  • Priority SVO: Customs cleared cargo ready for pick-up within 4 hours
  • Assistance with customs clearance
  • Trucking services to more than 25 destinations in Russia
  • 24/7 customer service helpdesk assistance in Russian

Customers with cargo destined for Russia, shipments can be delivered to any of the following warehouses at Sheremetyevo airport

  • Moscow Cargo
  • Sheremetyevo Cargo


we strive to always deliver as promised

AirBridgeCargo places the greatest importance on the quality of handling, as well as to the security of cargo being transported through the airline’s Moscow hubs. ABC’s specialists, working in the operation center at SVO airport, guarantee that all activities involved in the handling and carriage of your cargo, including those by third parties, are performed in line with international regulations. Every handling operation, including unloading, transfer of cargo between aircraft, and loading, is performed in strict compliance with industry security standards.

customs information

Customs formalities in Russia are governed by the Customs Code of Russian Federation. 


Please note that there is no customs transit between Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airport.


For more information please contact our 24/7 helpdesk.

safety and security measures

ABC ensures the total safety and security of your cargo through start-to-finish coordination with the consignee, including proper packaging and palletizing, flight status updates and shipment arrival notification.


The actions listed refer to the empiric developments ABC has taken throughout the launch of hub operations in Sheremetyevo airport:


  1. Increase of onboard supervision of incoming flights in transit via Moscow
  1. Launching the process of hiring own trained security guards
  1. Secured transit shed of VUN/High-tech cargo at tarmac side right in front of its own office premises
  1. Installation of CCTV equipment
  1. Independent security management team within the company

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