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AirBridgeCargo is the leading all-cargo airline operating to and from Russia and offering its cargo services to the airports across Central Russia, Siberia and the Far East from any point of the world.

All the flights to Russia are operated to major airports of the country which provide up-to-date cargo infrastructure and facilities for intact cargo handling, including special types of cargo. Our customer service specialists based in Moscow are ready to answer your questions with respect to cargo delivery to/from Russia and across the globe.

Today we cooperate with the leading Russian airports to guarantee delivery of your cargo to various federal districts.

SVO – Moscow, Sheremetyevo International Airport

Cargo complex of Sheremetyevo International Airport incorporates the up-to-date equipment to enable seamless, effective and intact handling of any types of cargo – from live animals to dangerous goods and beyond.

Our customers with Russian-bound cargo can choose among the three ground handling agents:

Moscow Cargo
  • Cargo and mail terminal 24/7 -  42,300 sq.m.
  • Automated system of storage positions for ‘house’ pallets and ULD handling
  • Conveyor lines with apron access
  • Dedicated facilities for special types of cargo - cooling-freezing cameras (3 482 cub.m), dangerous goods warehouse (6,412 sq.m), AVI zone (75 sq.m) and valuable cargo storage facilities (435 cub.m)
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)
  • Ground handling equipment – tugs, belt transporters, pallet reloaders, container handlers
  • Video surveillance system with 100% coverage of the terminal and the surrounding area
  • Advisory support in the terminal waiting area (Federal Customs Service, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Federal Service for Consumer Protection and Human Welfare)
  • Cargo and mail terminal 24/7 – 28,000 sq.m
  • Special in-house ground cargo and aircraft handling equipment – container handlers, tractors, pallet reloaders, belt transporters, thermo trucks, dollies for bulk cargo and ULDs
  • Transportation of built-up temperature-controlled cargo with possibility to maintain temperature settings (from -25⁰С up to +25⁰С) and live animals
  • Advanced warehouse and terminal equipment for all types of cargo with vast facilities
  • Video surveillance system including over 650 CCTV cameras which guarantee 100% coverage of cargo handling
  • 32 CCTV cameras capable of maintaining temperature settings (from -25⁰С up to +25⁰С), with some cameras being GDP validated
DME – Moscow Domodedovo Airport

For the convenience of our customers, we operate to several airports of the Moscow Air Transportation Cluster, with one of them being Moscow Domodedovo Airport.  Domodedovo cargo terminal is one of the largest and advanced airports in Russia which offers: 

  • Cargo and mail terminal 24/7
  • Dedicated aircraft parking stands for freighters in close proximity to cargo terminal
  • 13 truck docks for cargo acceptance and release
  • 12 cargo gates within the Controlled Airport Zone
  • Customs clearance for export and import cargo (including e-declaration) in line with IATA rules and existing customs regulations
  • Ground handling of cargo (including special types of cargo), mail and unaccompanied baggage
  • Dedicated facilities for special types of cargo - cooling-freezing cameras (3,890 cub.m), dangerous goods warehouse (96.7 sq.m), AVI zone (35.7 sq.m) and valuable cargo storage facilities (53.3 sw.m)
  • Ground handling equipment – forklift loaders, tugs, and automatic control system for unit load measuring
  • Warehouse for general and special cargo – 12,720 sq.m
  • Storage and Retrieval System
  • Cargo transfer, including customs cargo
  • Fast-track cargo acceptance and release
  • Info support
KJA - Krasnoyarsk International Airport

KJA is the largest airport in Eastern Siberia which has been dynamically developing for the last years in response to emerging volumes of cargo, mail and e-commerce shipments. Today the airport offers:

  • Cargo terminal with total 23,000 sq.m space, with handling capacity up to 150 tonnes of cargo per day and over 55 thd tonnes of cargo per year 
  • Heated (4 585 sq.m) and non-heated (2 700 sq.m) warehouses, warehouse for temporary storage (657 sw.m)
  • Dedicated facilities for special cargo – cooling-freezing cameras (70 sq.m), dangerous goods warehouse (17 sq.m), temperature-controlled hangar (300 sq.m)
  • 4 aircraft parking stands for An-124, Il-76, 4 aircraft parking stands for Boeing 747 and 2 aircraft parking stands for MD-11 within the close proximity to cargo terminal
  • Cargo handling in line with international standards thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel
  • Ground handling equipment for various cargo – pallet reloaders and container handlers, tugs, dollies, fork lifters and belt transporters.
SVX – Ekaterinburg, Koltsovo International Airport

Koltsovo International Airport is one of the major regional ports in Russia which offers advanced airport and airfield infrastructure.

Koltsovo cargo terminal was completed in 2012 and is now ready to offer:

  • Cargo terminal – 19,000 sq.m, handling capacity – 1,000 tonnes of cargo per day
  • Warehouse facilities – 14,000 sq.m
  • Storage system – 8 racks and 12 rooms for cargo
  • Dedicated facilities for special types of cargo – dangerous goods (including Class 7), time-sensitive, live animals, valuable cargo and temperature-controlled products (pharmaceutical shipments) within the temperature setting from -20⁰С up to +20⁰С
  • Sheltered open space for general cargo without special storage requirements
  • APACHE system for weight and size measuring
  • SACO Airport Equipment lifting platforms with a lifting capacity of 7-14 tonnes
  • Castor planforms (800 sq.m) for ULD storage and handling (up to 40 ULDs at the same time)
  • Automatic weight and size measuring system for cargo which is being handled for acceptance, including bar-coding system
  • Electric and diesel Toyota and Hyster loaders with the lifting capacity of 1.5-5 tonnes
  • Cross-border mail exchange – Russian Post – one of the leading ports for mail handling from China
  • Warehouse for temporary storage which incorporates 28 parking stands and dedicated space for customs transit for 11 parking stands
  • COMMANDER pallet loaders for freighters’ handling with the lifting capacity of 7-15 tonnes

The airport offers 7 aircraft parking stands for Il-76, An-124, Boeing 747-400F/8F within the close proximity to the cargo terminal which facilitates timely off/uploading of cargo and mail. The cargo journey from the aircraft to the terminal takes 3 minutes.

KZN – Kazan International Airport

Kazan International Airport is a cross functional airport complex which applies innovative solutions to boost its capabilities and offers:

  • Cargo and mail terminal 24/7
  • Cargo acceptance and handling, including special types of cargo – dangerous, out-of-gauge (upon request)
  • Cargo and mail acceptance from shippers, warehousing, apron handling, commercial handling of aircraft, cargo and mail release, info and document support
  • Cargo storage for delivery and dispatch within domestic operations
  • Storage of export cargo within customs surveillance zone
  • Cargo storage inside warm storage warehouse
  • Cargo loading procedures for shippers, consignees and airlines
  • Ground handling equipment – motor-truck and electric scale, reach truck, hydraulic dollies and other loading equipment

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