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Asia was the very first region we welcomed to our network when ABC was formed back in 2004 - that was also the year our initial B747 flight took off from Moscow on its way to Beijing. Since then, we have been expanding our presence in Asia and recently added flights to Singapore, Hanoi and Taipei. Today, AirBridgeCargo is a sound name in Asia associated with quality, unparalleled service and international expertise.


The excellent operating advantages of ABC’s freighter fleet, our vast network and our highly skilled personnel enable us to carry all types of air cargo in full compliance with global industry standards. With 11 established ABC offices in Asia, collaborations with local, expert GSA agents and a centralized management function in joint Volga-Dnepr Group offices make ABC an excellent choice for customers in Asia.

our asian network

Beijing. Hong Kong. Seoul. Nanchang. Delhi. Bangkok.

Shanghai. Shenzhen. Singapore. Wuhan. Tokyo. Zhengzhou.




« Asia has so much to offer. Electronics, fish, exotic fruit and many other sought after products. It also offers significant investment and business opportunities. That’s why we are expanding our network and new destinations continuously which bring new challenges. However, I am up for any logistics challenge. At AirBridgeCargo, you can count on us taking your business further. That’s why I love my job. »

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